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What's Your Golden Hour?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

In the film industry, we refer to a golden hour as the best time of day to get the most beautiful outdoor shots.

That's just after the sun rises or just before it’s about to set, that’s when the light is soft and more desirable in the frame. But it's time-sensitive and you have to try to get everything you need in that small window.

So I thought about that when it comes to my days, when is my golden hour? When do I feel more inflow and at ease, when do I feel most energetic. When is my personal energy at maximum, my emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental energy is at its peak?

When I find my golden hour, should I sell that time to others? In other words, should I work on a client’s project during this period? Or should I keep it for myself and use it to better myself and upgrade my mind, write out ideas, draw out maps for plans and projects and maybe take in some training videos or read these blogs? (shameless plug)

This will sound selfish, but I will pick to upgrade myself before giving this time to others, because the power is in the preparation, let me repeat that the power is in the preparation, the better person you become the better you can serve others, your clients, your family, your partner and your friends.

It’s also important to find when your best time of the day is so that you don’t just give it to distractions such as social media, gossip, tv, or toxic people.

Some people create a morning ritual around this concept like the 5 am club, it works for some but not everyone. Some may feel more inflow in the afternoon or late at night or even 2 am in the morning like most creatives.

This may be after your cup of coffee, after your meal, or the first set of time you get without any distractions.

You may live in a house with others that don’t allow this or maybe your time is given to a 9-5 job, or somedays are just not like other days. The key here is to be flexible but consistent, create your golden hour and save the best you for you.

Comment and let me know what time you think is your golden hour?


Mar 11, 2021

I have yet to find my golden hour. My hobbies vary too much and different activities work better at different times of the day. I need to figure that sh*t out!


Melissa Young
Melissa Young
Mar 08, 2021

Mine is definitely in the early hours of the morning right after a workout or a long walk.

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