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  • Skip the Nightmare, Build Your Dream Brand: 

  • Your brand doesn't start with a logo. 

  • Instead of chasing trends, craft a brand that stands out. 

  • Imagine a brand development process that's not a maze, but a map. 

  • From confusion to confidence 

  • Eliminate the back-and-forth.

  • Embrace the exciting journey of building your brand. 

Schedule a Session 


This session is for the purpose of exchanging information, This is your chance to unveil your brand's story, current challenges, and desired outcomes. Be open and honest about your goals and concerns. 

To ensure a perfect match, we'll explore your brand's history, present obstacles, and future aspirations.


Brand strategy sessions emphasize on the internal work before focusing on the exterior such as the logo, colors and packaging. It’s carving out the brand’s position, the messaging, identifying your desired audience and defining it’s lifestyle and behavior of the brand then that helps us to develop an identity that truly represents your brand’s mission and content that connects. 


This session is a follow up session with past clients who I collaborated with to create brand strategy where we do revisit and refine.

This session is also designed for people who have already launched but looking to upgrade, scale or rebrand. Suitable for maintenance subtle tweaks. Ready for Reinvention? Brand Therapy for a Fresh Start.

What my clients had to say

Phil Archer Photo.jpeg

Phil Archer

Working with Fewwture has been transformative for my brand as well as personal and professional growth. His unique approach, which combines intuition and strategic insight, has not only refined my brand's message but also deepened its connection with my audience. Trusting Matthew's instincts has led to breakthroughs that I couldn't have achieved alone. His dedication to authenticity and meaningful storytelling is truly inspiring. For anyone looking to elevate their brand with a coach who genuinely cares and delivers results, I highly recommend Matthew.


Tracy Fowler

Sometimes as a creative you need someone to look at your process and view you within that process because we don’t always see ourselves accurately. Matthew takes his time, listens and is pretty spot on with his review of you and how you should proceed in building your brand. I’ve been given tools that I can return to when I’m feeling blocked to help bring me back to a place of clarity on my journey. I’ve also been set up with a strong foundation to build upon. I’m grateful for the value that Brand Therapy added to my life..

Screenshot 2024-01-27 at 8_edited_edited

Marcus Myers 

My sessions with Matthew Fewwture were comprehensive and insightful. He not only helped my personal brand, but provided wisdom through personal anecdotes about business and goal setting. I would recommend him for taking your brand to the next level and the informal “gems” along the way

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