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My Story

A Lifelong Journey to Authenticity

It wasn't always a straight path, but I've always been drawn to the power of purpose and expression. Early on, I dreaded the 9-to-5 trend, diving headfirst into my passion for creative arts and entrepreneurship. This journey fueled my love for brand strategy and mixed media, leading me to help individuals unlock their unique talents and guide them towards mastery.

My creative spark ignited brands like The World Champion DiscJockey "DJ Puffy," Copacabana Barbados, Sugar Ultra Lounge, and Aura, the Crop Over Band. But while those successes were rewarding, a deeper calling emerged.

Despite starting from humble beginnings and facing the hurdles of unfinished schooling, I never lost sight of my dreams. Committed to personal growth, I've relentlessly invested in emotional intelligence, allowing me to connect with and serve others on a deeper level.

Today, my mission is crystal clear: to empower purpose-driven individuals and brands seeking to build and share their authentic selves with the world. I believe everyone has a story to tell, and I'm passionate about providing the tools and guidance to make those stories resonate.


to be continued...

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