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We have to become a warrior to achieve the life we desire.

We are at war, everyday it's a new battle and we can either choose to stand up and fight or stand there and let ourselves roll around in the dirt helplessly.

It's not a fight that involves violence, but we continuously have to

  • Fight to secure our bag (money)

  • Fight to secure our boundaries

  • Fight to secure our hearts and kindness

  • Fight for the truth (when you realized everything you were taught was a lie)

  • Fight for knowledge

  • Fight for our mental health

  • Fight for our physical health

  • Fight for our relationships

  • Fight for our focus since notifications are out here trying to distract us

It's a war, somedays gets easier because you fought the battle so many times and become stronger but you still fought the battle. That's why some days you feel emotionally bruised and exhausted.

The day you wake up with this mentality is the day you will become a much better fighter, before, maybe you weren’t aware, so you got pushed around and that became your default, maybe you didn’t have your defense up or maybe it been up for so long because you had no idea what was happening.

So, now you have a better gist of what’s happening here, you can be more prepared, you can now be more equipped. And just like any warrior, ninja, or soldier we have to train practice, get thrown down so you can learn how to fall when you have to, learn how to get back up and rise again for a new day, learn what makes you stronger, faster and wiser and make it your ritual - protect it with all your being, because that then becomes your energy source, and once you have all your weapons, it gives you a much better chance at winning each battle.

We also have to accept that some battles will be lost, but you have opportunities to fight again and come back stronger every time, once you applied what you have learned, you may lose a few battles but you will earn knowledge.

There is one enemy that will keep attacking you, one enemy that will give you the ultimate fight of your life, every single day. And if this enemy wins it runs the risk of breaking your momentum, you can lose everything you worked for, what makes this enemy so dangerous? It knows everything about you including your weaknesses. It's going to be the fight of your life and that thing, that person, is YOU!

The YOU, that you were yesterday, the YOU that you were last year. It wants to stay alive, but to grow, to experience progress you can’t take the old you with you, the habits, the bad memories, the trauma, the skeletons in the closet, the old ways, that person can’t come.

What stands between you and the point of desire is this enemy, it has to die.

If this helped you in any way please share it with someone who may need to receive this message!


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