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Journey - The Mas' Band Story

Hello, it's been a while since I came on here, it's been such a challenging time, but the good part is that I gonna have a lot of interesting stories to tell.. soon tho, but for now, here is one of my updates.

I created a 3 part documentary based on Kadooment and Mas' Bands, some people called it educational, informative, entertaining, and emotional, one person said it's like watching behind the scenes of behind the scenes lol

I am just proud to see people finding value in the content I created, it wasn't easy at all, I had to produce this from the "pit" mentally, one of the most difficult things to do is creating quality projects from a place of weary and mental burnout, Covid man, Covid, that's all I will share for now.

I will really appreciate it if you take the time to watch, especially if you are into Crop Over and the culture. Here is the link -

Jacabo Vlugman and Kadeem Wharton, I appreciate you two for being on the production team and helping me with the shoot. Danny Reid thanks for being patient with me and hooking me up with the animation and a quick shout-out to Erika Alexei Walker for the voice-over.


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