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What is Brand Coaching?

The term is relatively new, but in today's brand entertainment world, it's needed now more than ever.

Essentially, I coach my clients from the conceptualizing stage all the way through to development. 


Having an effective brand that stands out in the market has a lot to do with the framework and the tools used during the brand development process. 


Before you even begin requesting a logo, it’s important to fully understand what it is you do, why you do it, and identify who you are doing it for. This helps you get to the point of knowing what you really need and takes away the process of elimination factor, which usually leads to a lot of back and forth, failures and misses, and a big, frustrating nightmare.


Building a brand is already a mammoth task that can be intimidating. However, it can also be a chance for growth, development and clarity, helping you build confidence in giving birth to something new to the world. 


Because of this, I believe it’s key to make the experience as easy, safe and painless as possible. 


My coaching goal is to provide education so the process gets easier and easier every time you need to build another brand or when it's time to rebrand. 


Product, Personal, Coaching and Managing!


This is where I help you develop your brand visuals:

  • Name

  • Logo

  • Tagline

  • Colors 

  • Photos 

  • Videos 



Over the years, I have built many relationships with creatives in the industry and one of my gifts is knowing who the right people are for your project. 


I manage and oversee the creative process to help lighten your workload and free up the bandwidth in your brain 🧠 


My goal here is to allow you to focus more on what you do in your business while the experts work on your business. 


You put a lot into developing your brand assets, which is your identity. It's important to protect these assets and maintain a healthy perception. Follow up sessions and providing a space  to oversee and measure progress is key.

What is Personal Branding?

In my opinion, everyone has a brand. The question is: do you manage your brand or not? Ultimately, your brand is a result of your reputation.


How the world perceives you and how you make people feel is your brand. We are paying more attention to this now because of the internet. It’s been proven that how you show up online can build or destroy your career based on your online brand persona. 


Building and managing your personal brand is connecting who you are with what you do and communicating that to your tribe. A lot of my clients call my sessions “brand therapy" because it actually brings a lot to the surface that allows them to gain clarity about themselves and their purpose.


If you want to build a personal brand just for vanity metrics (followers), I am not the person for you. But if you want to discover purpose and share that with a desired niche, then you should already be in my DMs :)

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