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Think Before You Shoot

So let's say you have a brand, a business or a product that you want to get out there.

Video is something you may want to consider.

However just having a pretty image on screen isn’t enough.

The purpose of the video is to convert viewers into customers or spectators into fans.

Therefore, There is a process that you may want to consider first, and that's the content strategy.

And this is where I will ask you questions like….

Who is the video for?

Understanding who your audience is and their personality helps us to create content that will be relatable.

What is the core message?

Highlight the key points you want the audience to take away.

Where is the content going to live?

Depending on the platform your video is going on, it will influence the approach and delivery.

So before getting all carried away over the aesthetics - think about the main goal and purpose of your content.

You can have the most appealing imagery but it falls flat because you failed to connect.

So think about who you want to speak to?

What are the key takeaways?

Where is your video going? - Content is king but distribution is queen.

And does all the above align with your brand?

In other words THINK before you shoot.


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