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My name is Matthew “Fewwture” Ashby, I am a creator, strategist, and director from Barbados.

Since I could remember, music, entertainment, and film have been the pillars of my life and professional career. My father was part of the Barbadian band, Syndicate, so inevitably music became second nature to me. It’s not surprising that after I left school at 15 years old, my first job was at A&B Music Supplies company. I remember being curious about music production so one day, I put together a demo. It got picked up by Chris Allman from Slam City and he took me under his wing to train in sound engineering. The rest is history.

A few years later, I made a slight pivot from music to event entertainment where I was fortunate to work with some brilliant people and world-class brands. I started my journey in 2008 as a promoter and partner at Dynusty Inc. where I established my reputation through a popular weekly club event. With that experience, I was able to later produce the Regina Belle Concert Live.

In 2010, I founded Dream Real Projects and Dream Real Events And Management (DREAM) which allowed me to further pursue my passion for events while adding artist management to my arsenal.

DREAM was a game-changer for me. It allowed me to host and work with celebrities like Justin Beiber, Amber Rose, and Neyo, but it also helped me manage and develop local talents, from Digicel-SportsMax’s Alex Jordan to Redbull Thre3style World Champion DJ Puffy. It also opened doors for me in the carnival industry where I headed marketing and PR for the Crop Over band Zulu International in 2013. I later co-founded Aura Experience in 2016 and worked as the creative director and marketing manager for two years. 

The past 10+ years of my life have been nothing short of amazing but my work is not yet done and the future is definitely still bright. My biggest dream is to complete the triple threat of music, entertainment, and film. Since 2018, I’ve spent the time honing my skills in film and video production, working on diverse projects, and building meaningful connections and collaborations.


And so, built on the foundation of my experience in music and entertainment, I started Fewwture Films with a mission to interpret and translate client ideas, create engaging and memorable videos, and ultimately bring art to life. The future is here. 


Let’s make something great.

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